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Housing in the University of Idaho

Living on campus is definitely one of my best experiences at the University of Idaho. I spent one year living in the Wallace Residence Center, and I got a chance to make a lot of different friends from different nationalities. The activities that we had in the residence hall are unforgettable memories in my college life. The ski trip we went as a group, the thanksgiving dinner that served by Bob’s and the Halloween party we had in the hall are all really memorable.  I also created solid friendships with people in my hall, and I believe that is the most valuable thing that I got from my one year dorm life.

In my second year, I decided to rush for the fraternities on campus, and I believe that is the best decision I ever made. I became a member of Theta Chi fraternity and started the real “American college experience”. We do camp out pretty often, and also organize lots of different events and community services on campus. Surrounded by 46 brothers who have different goals but the same values. I feel that I’m so lucky to become a member of this big family. Fraternity life is the best, I call it the home on the other side of the earth.