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Housing in the University of Idaho

Living on campus is definitely one of my best experiences at the University of Idaho. I spent one year living in the Wallace Residence Center, and I got a chance to make a lot of different friends from different nationalities. The activities that we had in the residence hall are unforgettable memories in my college life. The ski trip we went as a group, the thanksgiving dinner that served by Bob’s and the Halloween party we had in the hall are all really memorable.  I also created solid friendships with people in my hall, and I believe that is the most valuable thing that I got from my one year dorm life.

In my second year, I decided to rush for the fraternities on campus, and I believe that is the best decision I ever made. I became a member of Theta Chi fraternity and started the real “American college experience”. We do camp out pretty often, and also organize lots of different events and community services on campus. Surrounded by 46 brothers who have different goals but the same values. I feel that I’m so lucky to become a member of this big family. Fraternity life is the best, I call it the home on the other side of the earth.



The Adventures Never End!

On September 27, we took many of our international students on an adventure to see the tallest waterfall in Idaho, just over an hour north of Moscow near Elk River, Idaho. Taking off at 9:00am, we arrived to the trailhead eager to explore the three waterfalls and the beautiful scenery surrounding us. Everyone had a blast taking pictures together, trekking off the path to climb and explore, and chatting with other students. We ended the day enjoying lunch with a view before leaving the beautiful waterfalls behind to head back to Moscow.hike2 hike1 hike3

Friendship Families Welcome Reception

On September 18, we celebrated the beginning of a new year with our Friendship Families Welcome Reception. The event was very successful and everyone had a lot of fun visiting with their families as well as other international students. Not only was there great food to be had, but there was also unique and interesting entertainment to be enjoyed. Community members from the Palouse were able to come and enjoy many international cultures, and many international students had the opportunity to become acquainted with the friendship families program for the first time. We hope all the students and families enjoy the rest of their time together engaging in fun activities as well as taking the time to learn about each other’s cultures.FFP

If you are interested in learning more about the friendship families program or have any questions, contact Elitza at elitzak@uidaho.edu.

International Conversation Table


We changed the title of the program, so fancy!

Last Thursday, we had another group conversation table at One World Cafe, and it was a blast! I have already seen personal growth in the students that come as they get to practice their English in an environment without stress or pressure. It’s awesome to see them become more comfortable with speaking English and learning more about the language and all its confusing rules! 😛

Remember, you are always encouraged to come to join us on Thursdays from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at One World Cafe in Moscow! The address is 533 S Main Street, so I hope to see you there!

If you have any questions regarding the Conversation Partners program, feel free to message me at root9477@vandals.uidaho.edu