Jessica Marboe

Hi, my name is Jessica Marboe! I’m a junior at the University of Idaho, where I study Elementary Education and History. Currently I am studying Danish and European History at The University of Copenhagen (KU) in Denmark! Back home in Moscow, I am a member of Alpha Phi and work at Gambino’s, where I raised my own funding to come on this incredible, once in a life time journey! Since I was quite a bit younger, I have dreamed of visiting Denmark and getting to explore the country that my grandfather was raised in. Now living out this dream of mine, I want students back home to know that anyone can make a dream of studying abroad into a reality! I hope my blogs help people realize, not only how capable you are of going abroad, but also how amazing the experience truly is!

Lizzie Jossie

I am currently a junior double majoring in Fishery Resources and Wildlife Resources. I am studying abroad at Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand. I wanted to study abroad because I think it is a great opportunity that we should all try to take advantage of in college, and I really wanted an international perspective on my field of study.


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