Future Students

The International Marketing and Recruitment Department is responsible for promoting the University of Idaho internationally and reaching out to prospective international students. We work hard to recruit international students who are a good fit for the academic programs at the University of Idaho, including our American Language and Culture Program, undergraduate programs and graduate programs. To reach students all over the world, we travel to recruitment fairs, host international visitors, work with foreign governments, advertise online and in international publications, chat with students in virtual fairs and live webinars, partner with international universities to create transfer agreements, and train local recruitment agents. We are also responsible for the Future International Student website, working on communication campaigns to prospective students, and for creating several print pieces.

Meet the Authors:

Mary Ellen Brewick is the Director of International Marketing and Recruitment. She has her BA in Political Science from the University of South Dakota and her MA in International Education from the University of Minnesota. Having worked at the University of Idaho for 6 years, she loves being able to introduce students to this beautiful community!

Shawn Greenfield is the Assistant Director of International Marketing and Recruitment. He is a University of Idaho alum and enjoys being able to travel the world and meet so many interesting people. Shawn has many hobbies, including photography and racquetball.


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