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Diversity Scholars Course

I made most of my close friends through the Diversity Scholars program. We had a freshman/first-year seminar course that we all had to take for our scholarship program. During this course, we explored the different resources offered by the university, study skills, and socialized with the diversity scholars. I found this course beneficial as I made some of my closest friends in this course.

We also had a PACE Mentor program that essentially paired a first year students with an upperclassmen who would be a mentor for the entirety of the first year. Mentors and mentees were to meet at least once- two times per month, the meetings could consist of any activity that could build a bond between the two. Examples of meetings:  play cards together, go to the gym, go to a school event, etc. My mentor and I had a nail polish social where we met up and painted our nails!

We had PACE socials as well, to name a few we had a chocolate tasting social, dodgeball social, movie night social, and a BBQ social.  These socials gathered all mentors and mentees! My favorite was the chocolate tasting- of course- because I loved hearing the history of chocolate and tasting it afterwards.

After the chocolate tasting social, a group of us went back to the dorms and just had a night of happy conversation! This is a picture of how hyper we were after all the sugar we had!

Diversity Scholars


Winter Wonderland

It’s that time of the year again! The snow has fallen, winter coats and boots have been taken out of the back of the closet and we greet the winter with frosted noses and hot chocolate in mugs. With the holiday break only a couple weeks away, everyone is getting ready to take on finals and head home for the Holiday Break.

Walking around town during the nighttime, there is a certain energy in the air- a cheerful one! This is the time of the year where being thankful, giving, receiving and reflecting back on an incredible year are in the mix of snowflakes falling. Campus is adorned with festive lights and décor- the Commons looks like the scene from Harry Potter where the snow falls, but never quite makes it to the ground (nerd-alert!) and the Christmas tree has been put out to greet Santa Clause for holiday pictures. Last year my roommate and I decided to make it an annual thing to take picture with Santa- of course, it is themed! Last year was eskimo hats- I can’t wait to see what we come up with this year!

– Cynthiac-m-s