Upcoming Activities for the 2014 Fall Semester

We have a lot of fun and exciting activities that will provide the international students with the opportunity to get involved as a group, and learn something about western culture. Our closest event is a hiking trip this month (September) to beautiful Elk River. In October make some room for plans to go to a spooky corn maze on Halloween night, and save up some cash for a shopping trip to Spokane Valley Mall. We also have our annual tri- school Soccer Tournament coming up in October for all those interested in sports! In November we have International Education Week and Cruise the World. These two events are some of the largest and most fun events held here at the University of Idaho! We will also be holding a classic Thanksgiving dinner so that the international students can get the chance to experience a culturally unique holiday and eat some delicious food. As the semester closes and the cold weather sets in, we will be doing some ice skating here at the Moscow ice arena as well as some indoor activities, such as the climbing wall at the SRC. Stay tuned for the dates, times, and places of all these exciting events!

If you have any questions simply contact me at farn7259@vandals.uidaho.edu.


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